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TRUTH, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Many years ago I was taught that it was a SIN to tell a LIE. This still tends to be the way that I try to live my life though, at times, I may be "economical with the truth". Dorothy Byrne, head of Channel 4, has recently alerted us to the falsehoods that are entering daily lives.

Douglas Murray, in his book the Madness of Crowds, picks out the UK in particular as a country needing attention. Murray's thesis is straightforward. With religion and political ideology in retreat, it has become harder for us to locate a story that gives our lives meaning. Into this vacuum has stepped postmodernism that is truely a MISHMASH of ill thought out ideas.

I seemed to notice that things were sliding out of control in 2018 -----

2018 ---- That was a year that was!

Now that 2018 has drawn to a close this was my sentiment for that year. The country was in a chaotic mess trying to resolve BREXIT; an impossible task waiting for next year.

Other "minor" concerns emerged at the start of the year - a bad publication in one of the teaching journals "Physics Education". You can go onto my web-site:- and on "sample pages", page 1, you will see how the story unfolds. "Sun" is the bad paper, "sun2_PE" is my response and "sun1" sums up the response from the authors.

Then, the Press takes over. Cliff Richard's case of the BBC making false allegations - Cliff won his case. The Lord Lester case : (House of Lords document HL paper 220).  A good document to read as most of the written pages are unredacted  - it is available for down-load. This is the CLASSIC Battleground - VENUS  versus  MARS

Then a Labour minister in Wales faces allegations- sadly this person ends up taking his own life. You may say an admission of guilt but I think it would be more complex than that.

Now, out of the blue, we have Celina Jones at Manchester University making allegations about my behaviour. The HR deliberations were a white wash and so I have been booted out of the University. I can't make any comment about "trying to kiss her" or "trying to look through her dress" - she can tell these lies and I have no way to refute them.  It took almost ONE Year to to receive her allegations in WRITING from HR.

My family have forbidden me to take Celina to court for defamation of character  (partly due to expected excessive solicitor's fees and partly due to a likely stressfull situation in court)  so I am resigned to be a defeated person for the rest of my life. Venus wins and Mars looses.

The outcome for Lord Lester has been much happier:-


Lord Lester is now innocent and Sangerha (Venus) has lost this fight.

An now another sad story for what was probably a loving relationship at one time .  With the #MeToo crashing into all rational thinking, Liam Allen was convicted of RAPE.

In this case a last minute examination of additional information led to Liam being set free. Clearly, a win for Mars but the defendent appears not to have been punished in any way for bringing false allegations - so Venus appears not to loose !!!!!!

The allegations by Carl Beech were momentus:

Beech claimed that a gang included the former prime minister Edward Heath, the ex-home secretary Leon Brittan, the former Tory MP Harvey Proctor, the D-day veteran Field Marshal Lord Bramall and the TV star Jimmy Savile. Others accused of abuse were the former head of MI6 Sir Maurice Oldfield, the late Labour peer Greville Janner and the ex-head of MI5 Sir Michael Hanley.

Beech alleged the offences had taken place in an array of locations such as Dolphin Square, the exclusive private members' Carlton Club, Elm Guest House in London, Heath's yacht, military bases and London zoo. He claimed he had been ferried from school by a driver to the "parties", where boys were abused by a group of men.

Brittan, Bramall and Proctor had their homes searched by police, causing dismay to them and their families, which was compounded when their identities became public. Bramall's wife died without knowing her husband was to face no further action. Brittan died with the allegations hanging over him.

The truth eventually came out

Understandably Hollywood has not escaped this mishmash and only one will be selectcted;

How many times have we heard how actresses further their careers by "sleeping to the top".  In many of the allegations brought against Harvey Weinstein this was probably not the case but one always worries about incidents that are decades old.

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