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Details of family tree

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With a family of eleven children the tree expands rapidly.

Pictures of some family groups -  starting with the youngest member of our family :

Marion with grand children

Dot and Aidan (Picky) with children and grandchildren

Families of Frank and Marian

Various members of Ed and Bun's family

Adifferent take of Ed and Bun's family with Vin and Pat Garbutt's children

Grand children of Dan and Elizabeth



The first experiment is about the Earth's Electric Field. We all know about the two other fields on the Earth;  GRAVITY keeps our feet firmly on the ground and with the Earth's MAGNETIC field we make sure our feet are going in the right direction with the aid of a compass. Most people know little about electricity in the atmosphere until they are caught in a thunder storm and the sky is filled with bright flashes of light that stream across the sky. The following article gives a bit more information and, if you make a link to the Reading University site (a link is given in F_M)  this shows how the electric field  (normally about 100 V/m) varies with time... see F_M .

A little more detail about the apparatus is given in the video

This video presentation of a Field Mill  is a large file  --- takes SEVERAL mins to load

MVI 0662.AVI

This is another experiment. Electronics and Microwaves are important subjects and I have always been intrigued by the merging of radio frequency electronics with microwaves. Over a frequency range of about 50 MHz to 200 MHz it is increasingly necessary to make sure the circuit is MATCHED. This means that a signal flows from a source -- through a component -- and into a detector will always proceed without reflections occuring otherwise the signal may not reach the detector. Lecher lines demonstrate this effect and the following video , MVI 0698.AVI , shows how a Standing Wave detector can be used to see where the microwave energy is going - a strong standing wave pattern indicates that all the energy is being reflected back to the source, a small pattern shows that the energy is being transmitted.  ( I am grateful for my grandson's help in making this video). Getting the energy out of a line is quite a task. We see that an open line is a very good reflector. BUT by making a gradual change  from a line to the outside world with, say a horn, one can see that most of the energy WILL radiate into space. This process of getting each load to look like the Characteristic Impedance  of the line is called "MATCHING". In years gone by one was happy to get a microwave circuit matched at a single frequency; now we need "broadband" matching and something like a FIREFOX instrument from Keysight Technologies will help us in this task. Please see the TEN excellent videos from Jake Daly and David Von Workum on  "Firefox Fundamentals" ( .

MVI 0698.AVI

The vital piece of theory is given in the article LL where we see that IF THE LINE IS MATCHED then there is no reflected wave.

Another article of interest is the pathway from electronics to microwaves EM  .

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